Alan C.

When I was first introduced to Samantha–via Yelp–I was struggling with low back pain and tightness in my right hip. After discussing the pain, the tightness and the limits of flexibility, Samantha suspected issues with my hip flexor and psoas. She devised a method of medical massage therapy that brought immediate, significant, long-lasting relief to both the pain and tightness that I struggled with for years. I’m very active and engage in a varied exercise regimen that invariably irritates these areas–or others–and Samantha has effectively diagnosed and treated each successive flare up. Because each session starts with a brief review of my current physical condition, she is able to tailor each session toward finding just the right treatment. Monthly maintenance has brought much needed and welcome relief. I’m also pleased that Samantha is always studying new therapies and techniques, so I feel my treatments are state of the art.