Facial Sculpting – Los Angeles CA

The Sculptural Face Lifting Method is not yet widely available in this country. Still, it is gaining popularity as one of the most effective and enduring methods to lift, tighten and brighten aging skin without needles or knives. Developed by Yakov Gershkovich and is now practiced around the world in facilities from Zurich to Tel Aviv to Hong Kong and here in Los Angeles. The method works by toning, strengthening, and relaxing some of the basic facial tissues and has been praised by A-list actors and socialites around the globe.


$250 per individual session.

$200 per session when purchased as a package
4 session package: $800
8 session package: $1600
12 session package: $2500

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Here’s what to expect from your facial sculpting session.

During a brief intake interview, the practitioner will analyze and discuss the client’s skin type and specific needs in order to make an optimal selection of products and aromatherapies for the individual client’s unique treatment. The procedure will then be explained in detail so that the client can feel confident and comfortable relaxing and breathing easily in the skilled hands of the practitioner. Be advised that some clients may experience an emotional response to their treatment, especially in cases where the client has experienced prior trauma. This is normal and will be handled gently and with respect. To begin the client will be instructed to wash his or her face, disrobe from the waist up and position themselves on the massage table facing up under a sheet.

Starting from the chest and heart area, the practitioner will manipulate the skin and lymphatic system with a rhythmic and repeating series of kneading, rubbing, tapping and pressure using prescribed oils or lotions and working slowly upwards through the neck, jawline, nasolabial folds, lips, cheeks, eyes, and forehead. The client may hear or feel some movement below the skin as the lymphatic system is manipulated. With gloved hands, the practitioner will then manipulate the skin and tissues around the jawline, cheeks, and nasolabial folds handling both the inside and outside of the client’s open mouth. This will involve massaging bone structures and connective tissues with precise direction to improve the tone and texture of the face. Facial cupping will be administered at the conclusion of the sculpting treatment. Because of the reactive intensity of certain elements of this procedure, some clients may request that the practitioner slow or pause work. This is accepted and encouraged as we work to create the most effective, energizing, and enjoyable experience. This emotional release can be very helpful in reducing the signs of aging, allowing the bright, joyful, youthful glow to shine through.

At the end of the procedure, the client will be able to rewash his or her face and dress. The face may feel tighter and warm with some redness from the increased blood flow, which is likely to persist for minutes or hours after the treatment before returning to normal. The client will be instructed to hydrate by drinking plenty of water to flush out toxins released from the lymphatic system. After the first treatment, the skin should feel brighter, softer, and tighter but the best results can be achieved with regular treatments. Our Los Angeles facial sculpting massage technique is suitable for men and women experiencing mild to moderate signs of aging and consistent treatment can produce results comparable to injectable dermal options. A typical series of treatments would include 8 to 10 sessions for best results. In cases where the signs of aging are most severe, facial sculpting may not be recommended, as it would be less likely to achieve the desired result. Please contact us for more information about this groundbreaking facial sculpting massage technique in Los Angeles CA.