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Each massage session includes cupping and essential aroma therapy oil if needed. $250

For outcalls please inquire about pricing.

* Sculptural Face Lifting, Lymphatic Post Surgery Drainage & Medical Massage not included

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Welcome to Medical Massage by Samantha!

We look forward to serving your needs and helping you live your best life possible. The benefits of medical massage in Los Angeles extend well beyond relaxation. Targeted medical massages can improve range of motion, decrease pain and inflammation, support good posture and relax the muscles.

Samantha is an experienced massage therapist in Beverly Hills who knows how to deliver a wide range of massages, including medical massages, stress reduction massages, sports massages and energy healing massages. Samantha has had a lot of success with these techniques, as she follows the tried-and-true practices taught at Saybrook University. This is the only massage program in the United States that has been scientifically tested. It is now being introduced as a treatment method for their Integrative Medicine Program.

Additionally, Samantha undergoes countless hours of training every year from doctors all over the world. This gives her a firm understanding of the various medical massage techniques available and how they can improve people’s lives. You’re in good hands with Samantha – she will find a way to ease your pain and improve your quality of life using medical massage therapy.


Personalized Care from a Highly Qualified Massage Therapist in Beverly Hills

When you schedule an appointment with Samantha, you will start with an in-depth assessment of the symptoms you are experiencing and your end goals for treatment. Samantha will then create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs. The goal is to use the proper medical massage in Los Angeles to relieve your symptoms, stimulate the body’s natural healing ability and promote an overall healthy lifestyle.

Not only is Samantha licensed and experienced in medical massage in Beverly Hills, but also she understands the body’s energy field and how this plays into your health and well-being. If you have “energy blocks” that are interfering with your energy field, you are more likely to suffer physical ailments and mental stress. Samantha uses a variety of techniques to remove these blockages and improve the natural flow of energy.

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Not just anyone can deliver a true Russian medical massage in Beverly Hills. Samantha is highly qualified to deliver therapeutic massages in a safe, relaxing atmosphere. With a customized treatment plan, you can reduce debilitating symptoms and live your best life. To learn more about massage therapy and how it can improve your mental and physical health, schedule an appointment with Medical Massage by Samantha today.

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Samantha D. Guttman – Avery

1 of 25 Nationally
Certified Medical Massage Practitioner


Samantha D. Guttman-Avery C.M.T, Cert #4156

Bodyworker & Healer

Our Beverly Hills Russian Medical Massage differs from other forms of massage as it not only relieves pain by treating the primary muscle groups of the affected area but follows the nervous system to identify and treat the accessory muscle groups surrounding the primary affected area as well, promoting healing and alleviating pain.

With years of experience, training with amazing teachers and learning a broad spectrum of techniques, I am able to work with my clients to help them relax, and melt away the body’s stress. I blend my knowledge with my ability to feel what the body is wanting and needs, opening the door-way for the body to trust me and to let go.

This is the only massage education program in the United States which has been scientifically tested (Saybrook University) and is being introduced to as the source for their Integrative Medicine Program.


What Our Clients Say

Best money I have spent in  the stressful mess of 2020. I carry a lot of tension in my face, neck, and shoulders so the Sculptural Face Lifting technique treatment has been huge in cutting down headaches, releasing facial tension, and just providing overall relief. Also, my face looks fantastic after. And Samantha is wonderful- so talented at her craft, major covid protocol, great bedside manner, and her studio is immaculate. Sessions with her have been a game changer.

Samantha is a unique find in our city. Her expertise and knowledge show in how she asks questions and is able to tune right into what my needs are. She is professional and precise in her work. My experience was amazing. She was able to help my chronic sinus condition. Opening my ears, that have been clogged consistently. Through her work on me, my sinus condition has been clearing up remarkably fast. Thank you so much Samantha!!!!

I recently tweaked my left knee and basically couldn’t walk without shooting pain. I feared it was something bad but I decided to contact Samantha before going to my doctor (which would have been a few days wait in the very least). When I contacted Samantha I told her what happened and what hurt and she immediately had a plan for relieving the pressure and pain–cupping therapy. And she could see me without any wait! She’s very knowledgeable in the field of medical massage and alt. medicine and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

I started seeing her out of necessity for an issue that was worsening. She stopped it right in its tracks and has been pulling me back together. I’m enjoying full range of motion again and can enjoy the things I love now pain free. I wouldn’t want anyone else working on me. Definitely give her a call. She’s the best!

Samantha is an incredible body worker and healer. I am a Chiropractor……..and have had many types of bodywork throughout the years. I rank Samantha right up at the top with the best. I specifically underwent treatment for concussions and received tremendous benefit from certain residual symptoms. I highly recommend Samantha as a caring and skillful healer.

Samantha is a great Massage Therapist! She works wonders on my back especially since my doctor told me I have the early stages of Arthritis. She also knows just what to work on no matter where the pain is coming from. I know to trust her techniques because she is constantly educating herself and learning new ways to help people with issues like mine.

I am a professional Salsa dancer, and after years of whiplash-type movements, my neck finally gave out about 2 years ago. I have tried all different types of treatment with little to no results. For the last month or so I have been getting Medical massage treatment by Samantha and I’m finally seeing results! She was able to pinpoint precisely where the problem was coming from, which was different from what all the other practitioners told me, so it’s great to finally know what is causing the problem. Can’t wait for my next massage!

Samantha is a terrific. She gives a great massage, but shines when it comes to helping people with muscular/skeletal pain. I have had sciatica in my right leg for two years. The pain had become intense and radiated down my leg. The whole lower back had become involved, and the pain kept me from sleeping. I started getting relief the first time I saw her, and now two months later I am vastly improved–sleeping better, taking mile-long walks and resuming my normal life.

When I was first introduced to Samantha–via Yelp–I was struggling with low back pain and tightness in my right hip. After discussing the pain, the tightness and the limits of flexibility, Samantha suspected issues with my hip flexor and psoas. She devised a method of medical massage therapy that brought immediate, significant, long-lasting relief to both the pain and tightness that I struggled with for years. I’m very active and engage in a varied exercise regimen that invariably irritates these areas–or others–and Samantha has effectively diagnosed and treated each successive flare up. Because each session starts with a brief review of my current physical condition, she is able to tailor each session toward finding just the right treatment. Monthly maintenance has brought much needed and welcome relief. I’m also pleased that Samantha is always studying new therapies and techniques, so I feel my treatments are state of the art.

Samantha is excellent. I went to her following knee surgery to help with tightness and other muscular issues resulting from the surgery. I was not disappointed. She is knowledgeable and skilled in techniques and understands how the body is connected. After my first appointment, I was able to bend my knee more to get into my car, which I hadn’t been able to do for months. I became a regular customer after that. Her services cost more than I would normally pay for massages, but they are well worth it, particularly for muscular issues that require more skilled attention. She also is a lovely person, and I look forward to my visits with her.

Samantha is so talented and truly trained – she’s truly invested and has a gift for healing. She spends so much of her spare time working on external healing work. She’s far more than a massage therapist. I highly highly recommend her

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