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Samantha D. Guttman – Avery is 1 of 12 Nationally to be a
Certified Medical Massage Practitioner (CMMP)



Samantha D. Guttman-Avery C.M.T, Cert #4156

Bodyworker & Healer

Russian Medical Massage differs from other forms of massage as it not only relieves pain by treating the primary muscle groups of the affected area but follows the nervous system to identify and treat the accessory muscle groups surrounding the primary affected area as well, promoting healing and alleviating pain.

With years of experience, training with amazing teachers and learning a broad spectrum of techniques, I am able to work with my clients to help them relax, and melt away the body’s stress. I blend my knowledge with my ability to feel what the body is wanting and needs, opening the door way for the body to trust me and to let go.

What Our Clients Say

  • Samantha is a terrific. She gives a great massage, and shines when it comes to helping people with muscular/skeletal pain. I have had sciatica in my right leg for two years. The pain had become intense and radiated down my leg. The whole lower back had become involved, and the pain kept me from sleeping. I started getting relief the first time I saw her, and now two months later I am vastly improved--sleeping better, taking mile-long walks and resuming my normal life.

    -Mariette Sawchuk

  • Samantha has been providing therapeutic massage services for over a decade with outstanding results, not only for musculoskeletal wellbeing, but neurological benefits. Her expertise, varied techniques that can be applied for different ailments or discomfort management has been very beneficial to me. I would recommend Samantha any day for her skill, patience, and thorough understanding of the human body and her ability to bring relief with her massage.

    -Levy Antal

  • I have been going to Samantha for many years and I can tell you she is great! Weather it be just a massage or the cellulite treatment, she works wonders! If you have back pain, sore muscles, or an injury Samantha will know how to help. And as a women I can attest to the results of the cellulite treatment, it really works!

    -Donna Avery

  • I am a chiropractor that has massage therapists in my office to work with my clients. I have used Samantha's services and have been extremely pleased. She has a strong command of anatomy and good techniques for specific injuries. I know that seems like something every massage therapist should know but good talent is hard to find. I will definitely use her services in the future.
  • Samantha is just amazing! I work in an office and throughout the years I've accumulated a lot of tension in my whole body. Samantha's bodywork and massages have helped relieve many painful areas in my neck, shoulders, back and legs. I feel so good and rejuvenated after every visit. She's very professional and she takes good care of you. And with many years of experience, she knows how to relax your body and restore its equilibrium to better heal itself. You should use her services!
  • Wow! Samantha gave me an amazing massage! Her technique was impeccable and the overall experience was relaxing and excellent. I had a blissful sleep and woke up feeling rejuvenated and energized. Thanks Samantha and I can't wait for my next massage!!!
  • I injured my lower back when I was in my teens and I have had reoccurring pain for years--sometimes so excruciating I cannot move. Going to chiropractors only temporarily takes care of the injury so I decided to try massage. I was recommended Sam by a work colleague who said that her techniques were more medical based and that she first works on related tissue around the pain to loosen it before directly on the injury. Therefore, caring for all the areas related to the injury. So I gave Sam a try and two years later I am most happy with the results. My pain has never returned. What is also wonderful is that she continues learning her craft and uses those new techniques on me. Since I see here regularly (a few times a month), she has gotten to understand my body so she can go to the source. I never have to tell her what part of my body to work on...she touches and can feel where it is. She is most professional and the first time I met her I felt a great energy and comfort. Also, If you are looking for a positive energy, and spiritual experience as well, I suggest, strongly, Sam.
  • I have been seeing Samantha Avery for over 3 years. As a dentist, I suffer from chronic back and neck pain. She is so knowledgeable about the muscular pain pathways and can identify immediately how to rectify the situation. I am thoroughly impressed with her technique and would recommend her to anyone with pain. She is PHENOMENAL.

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